In a Report Form, how can we describe the specifications of the Xbox 360 and PS3?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Much is going to be dependent on the requirements of the assignment.  If the report is meant to explore the technical dimensions of both consoles, then it will be focused on the different categories of hardware design in each.  For example, there would be significant mention in the report of the computing processing unit in each system.  This would focus on the Xenon Processor in the XBox and the Cell Processor in the PS3.  The report would delve into which processor could be more advantageous for the capacity of each console.  This would form one part of the report that focuses on the technical specifications in each design.

Another aspect of the report could focus on graphic user interface in each console.  Each console possesses custom design graphics and the graphic cards included in each could be analyzed from a technical standpoint.  This part of the report would delve into graphics bandwidth in each as well as how each interacts with the RAM as well as how this comes across with multiple users in the online gaming format.  Exploration of the graphic capacity in each console is another significant part in breaking down the specifications in each system.

The hard drive capacity is critical to the technical specifications of each console system.  In an online gaming set up that is driven by "cloud" technology, it becomes essential to analyze each console's hard drive for storage so that users do not have to rely on memory units in order to advance their collaborative gaming experience.  In each console, the hard drive capacity is different.   Being able to analyze the hard drive differences in each is another element of the report that can be detailed.  

In these settings, the report takes on a very expository feel.  It is breaking down the information and technical categories within each console's construction.  There is a technical and detailed analysis of each system, highlighting differences between each and how this impacts the delivery of the gaming product.  Each console has distinct technical differences.  While they both strive to provide the optimal gaming experience, they both take distinct paths to get there.  The specifications of each become a critical element in this divergence.  The report that describes the specifications is going to be concerned with exploring this difference between both gaming consoles.