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In Edgar Allan Poe's horrific short story "The Tell-Tale Heart, what impact does the repetition of the word "stealthily" have?

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In Edgar Allan Poe's horrific short story "The Tell-Tale Heart," the author uses his language in a precise and careful way in order to create a frightening tale made up of the ramblings of a homicidal maniac.

This is largely a study in human terror experienced on two levels...First, there is the narrator, the maniac, driven by his compulsive hatred of the “evil eye” to kill a man he says he loved. [...] The other level of terror is that experienced by the old man. His terror is made all the more realistic because it is related from the perspective of his tormentor, the mad narrator, who takes sadistic delight in knowing that the old man is quaking in his bed. 

The narrator, clearly insane (obvious from the first line of the story) tells his tale of madness—he believes that because of the old man's eye, the narrator must kill him.

Poe, the writer, stressed the importance of methodic structure in creating a story that would bring about the author's desired effect:

Above all else,...

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