Remembering the stone angel, Hagar reveals information about her character as well as of her father. Explain.  

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Remembering the angel leads Hagar to reminisce about her father and her growing up.  Her father is a prideful man, proud of his Scottish heritage (Hagar feels he bought the costly angel partly to "proclaim his dynasty"), and boastful of the the fact that he is a "self-made man".  He raises his children sternly, with an iron hand, and although he is outwardly pious, Hagar cannot imagine him being God-fearing .

In telling about her father, Hagar reveals that she is like him in a number of ways.  She too is stubborn and proud, refusing to cry when punished, and her father acknowledges, "you take after've got backbone".  Hagar is sharp-tongued and irreverent, and shares with her father a certain social snobbishness.  Hagar's father's class-consciouness is evidenced in the way he chose his children party guests, wouldn't marry Aunt Dolly because she was his housekeeper, and refused to have "any son of mine gallivanting with a half-breed", while Hagar herself looks down upon her daughter-in-law because she "doesn't speak properly".