In Remember The Titans, what evidence is there of mutual interdependence in the recognition of superordinate goals?

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Remember the Titans is an excellent example of a group that is able to set and achieve superordinate goals through their interdependence. Because the film is set during the integration of schools, there are severe racial divides between the players who try out for the football team. Through the leadership of the newly-hired Coach Boone, the players are taken to training camp and naturally segregate themselves. It is not until later at the camp that the players begin to learn about one another in meaningful ways and befriend one another. However, the players face not only the challenges of the game, but also cultural divides and racist peer influences. Once they return from camp, the players are forced back into their own cultures and have a hard time clinging to their new relationships. Julius and Gary, two football players, are actually the characters who call a team meeting without the coach's knowledge to reestablish their communal goals. It is at this point in the film that the team truly becomes a whole for the good of the team and not simply at the request of the coach. Through their interdependence, they form strong personal bonds and are able to play better as a team and are able to win the state championship game. Thus, the football team in Remember the Titans is a symbolic testament to what can happen when a group of individuals is focused on common interests and goals.

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Naturally, if there has been any class instruction about how your instructor defines both concepts, this should be recognized as part of your assessment.  Superordinate goals are the objectives through which mutual independence is needed in order to accomplish.  For example, if warring factions recognize that they need to work together in the recognition of something more elevated than both of them, this is where the mutual interdependence becomes evident.  In this light, mutual interdependence becomes the means by which superordinate goals are accomplished.  The film shows this.  The superordinate goal is for the the team to win with both Black and White players.  The racial animosity that is present at the start of the journey is deferred in the name of the superordinate goal of team success.  Black and white players understand that mutual interdependence is needed in this recognition.  The "team" supersedes the individual.  In the crippling of Bertier, the superordinate goal of wining the championship and recognizing a team leader is once again shown as being accomplished through mutual independence of the team members. 

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