What are some natural remedies for stomach problems?

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You haven’t mentioned any specific stomach conditions, but a search for homeopathic solutions to the condition you have in mind might be a good place to start. For many, homeopathic solutions to stomach problems are preferable to conventional medicine. The homeopathic solution looks at the situation and how the whole person can be treated from the inside out. Unlike traditional medicine solutions which frequently treat symptoms, homeopathy treats the underlying issues, but it also deals with the symptoms of gas, heartburn, and indigestion pains, and etc.

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Make sure you are not lying down too soon after you eat, especially when you have eaten spicy or acidic foods. Staying seated or moving around can help prevent some problems.

I also like mint herbal tea, if I have a little indigestion. It seems to help my stomach.

Prevention is probably the best natural cure. Many people simply eat too much, too fast, or too much junk food.

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The good old wive's remedy for stomach ache used to be a 'medicine' called 'milk of magnesia.' I haven't seen it since childhood but it was in a blue bottle and the liquid was very white, cool and powdery. It looked kinda soothing but not sure if it was suitable for every complaint - I think it neutralised acid by being alkaline but you definitely consult an expert medical advisor.

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remedies for stomach problems

natural remedies

  Stomachaches can often be due to insufficient stomach acids to handle the foods in your stomach.  I often have to supplement my diet by the additional of stomach enzymes to help with the digestion process.  You might want to check out that angle.

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I'm not sure what kind of stomach problems you're referring to. I know that in our household, sensitivities to things like gluten and milk can cause stomachaches. We eliminate those foods and seem to do a lot better. Sometimes a heating pad is also very effective. Definitely consider seeing a doctor if it's a big concern.

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Not sure from your post what type of stomach problems you are looking for solutions to. However the above posters have given you good solutions for some of the more common stomach discomforts. Keep in mind that if the pain is persistent and severe you should consult your doctor.

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There are many stomach problems like constipation, diarrhea, food poisoning, Worms in stomach, menstrual stomach pain and many more.

Basically there are some home remedies that can be applied to every stomach ache:-

  • Have lemon water without sugar
  • Have ginger powder
  • Add a few drops of ginger syrup to honey and drink it.
  • Have garlic
  • Drink a glass of milk
  • In citric acid sodas like 7up, add salt and drink
  • Drink Carrot juice 
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For diarrhea, black tea is helpful. For constipation, bananas are helpful. Remember to drink plenty of water. I believe green tea also has some useful properties. Sometimes limiting your milk consumption can also be beneficial. A heating pad can help temporarily soothe you but won't actually cure you. Some light exercise (certain yoga poses that stretch the abdomen) can also help. 

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Bad stomachs usually occur because of various reasons, for instance, over eating, not chewing properly, not drinking water adequately, not doing any type of physical work, harmful eating habit and so on.

Remedies are there: change your food habit, take more fibers, make sure that your diet includes enough minerals, protein and water, chew properly while eating so that it would help in digesting, start doing minimum physical work, you can walk, swim, run, jog etc. for example, eat in a measured amount, do not go to bed just after taking meal, and if the situation goes out of control, visit a doctor.

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If you have stomach problems, try eating less, consume more vegetables, take longer to eat, get a little bit more exercise, and try yoga positions that require flexing or putting stress on the stomach to make it stronger.

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Stomach problems, specifically ulcers are lesions that occur within the stomach lining, adjoining to the intestinal tract.

Milk: This widely available commodity comforts the stomach and relieves the patient from stomach pains.

Lifestyle changes: People who have ulcers should avoid strong alcoholic drinks and sodas. Also, the person should be careful not to overeat. Excessive fatty foods should be avoided. The increase of fresh fruit and vegetables would be helpful in preventing the growth of ulcers also. Furthermore, the patient should be sure to drink 7-8 glasses of water a day.

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Here there are some interesting and easy to prepare natural remedies.

1. For intestinal worms: a cup of carrot juice consumed on an empty stomach every morning for 10-15 days.

2. For indigestion: a well ripe banana and a glass of milk before sleep, mix 1.3 drops peppermint oil with 5 cups of water and drink when you feel the need.

3. For constipation caused by diabetes: 2-3 figs after each main meal.

4. For constipation: Boil 2 tablespoons of fenugreek leaves with 1 / 2 mung bean and 10 small onions .The result is consumed regularly, to get rid of constipation.