Identify a specific religious ideal that Gandhi advocated.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one of Gandhi's strongest religious ideals advocated in his teachings was the idea that moral transcendence was the base for all social and political change.  Gandhi's idea of satyagraha was one in which spiritual evolution was required for all types of change.  He helped transform the independence movement into a moral struggle.  Advocating nonviolence, Gandhi was able to evoke the religious ideal that human transcendence from what is into what can be was entirely possible.  The idea of "an eye for an eye leaving the whole world blind" was one such religious ideal that was evident in Gandhi's social and political teachings.  Gandhi sought to transform the individual consciousness, something that is religious in its very nature and in its very essence.  In this, Gandhi recognized that religious teachings in their most pure form do not have to be denomination.  There is a humanist approach, something holistic in its scope and sequence, that speaks to a larger truth about what it means to be a person in a setting where what is can be seen as secondary to what can be.  In this, there is a pursuit of religious ideals in Gandhi's teachings.