What are some reliable sources that can be used to back up statements in a research paper dealing with identity stereotypes and racism? Books and articles would be great.

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Great topic. I can help give you a great source on identity stereotypes.  I have been teaching gender stereotypes in my media class for about ten years now.  I feel that the best current source for information on and examples of gender stereotyping is "The Representation Project."  I'll post the link below. 

The site has a lot of great stats and infographics.  The project's two big endeavors have been two award winning documentaries.  The first was the MissRepresentation film.  It focused squarely on female gender stereotypes, sexual objectification of women, and the consequences of both.  This past year, the Representation Project released the same kind of documentary about men and boys.  It is called The Mask You Live In.  It focuses on how the media typically sends boys and men the message that they have to be hyper masculine, violent, and emotionless voids.  

Adding on to my previous post, I can recommend a fairly solid website that focuses on racial, ethnic, and gender stereotyping in the media.  The website organization is "The Critical Media Project."  What's good about this site is that it doesn't focus only on a single type of stereotyping.  It has information and related links about gender stereotyping, racial stereotyping, and ethnic stereotyping.  It's a credible resource as well, because it is associated with the University of Southern California.