What are some relevant points on the topic: Should education up to the secondary level be made a fundamental right?  

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several reasons why the right to a secondary education is important.  First of all, it allows people to become literate in society so that as adults they can be active and informed citizens.  Second, it allows students to explore career paths.  Finally, it creates a more flexible populace.

Literacy is the most important aspect of education.  It includes the ability to read and write, but also the ability to reason and problem-solve.  It makes a populace good consumers of education.  It includes financial literacy and technical literacy.  It makes a person able to find and hold down a job, which is important to the economy.

Secondary education allows students to explore career paths in an easy and low-risk way.  Students can take classes in different fields and enter exploratory training.  This helps them determine what careers they may want as they get older, before they spend the time and money to pursue them.

Finally, a free secondary education allows for a more flexible populace.  The more educated a person is, the more able he or she will be to change jobs or retrain later in life.  In a technologically advancing society, this is very important.

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