relationsship between work stations, work sections, and the kitchen brigadeculinary arts discussion

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I can see how they would easily get in one another's way.  I have never worked in a restaurant, but it seemed to me that sometimes a waiter's tables might be scattered around the room, so that two tables were in two different sections.  I suppose there is a reason, but I think it might be confusing.

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Personally, I enjoyed the relationships between these groups when I was a waitress.  I worked in a very jovial atmosphere.  The cooks were constantly playing pranks on the waitresses and vice versa.  I remember one cook in particular to it to extremes sometimes.  If a customer asked for extra sauce, he would sling it (in a serving dish of course) across the counter as fast as he could.  There were a few times where one of us didn't catch it, but it was all fun and games.  I think the relationship can be tense or uncomfortable, but it really depends on the management and the atmosphere you work in.

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