Comment on Jake's relationships in chapters 5-6 of The Sun Also Rises.

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Krum and Woolsey are colleagues from Jake's office. They are fairly normal people because Krum has a wife and kids and therefore doesn't get out on the town much. Woolsey goes out from time to time and says he plays tennis. Their banter is about mundane, normal things, not deep, philosophical depressing topics like Jake discusses with Brett and Cohn all the time. Jake's other friends are troubled and lost, these two colleagues seem to have things to look forward to.

Jake walks to work because he enjoys it. Besides, he lives in Paris, and everyone walks everywhere. There is a lot to see on the street, which Jake enjoys, cafes everywhere, people to talk with, and it is pleasant for him. He does not have a car.

Harvey Stone appears to be a bum and a moocher. He tells Jake he has not eaten in several days, so Jake gives him money. Harvey tells Jake "his money has not come" so he must be living on an inheritance or something. He appears to be one of the lost generation. He may be a writer because Jake asks him if he knows Mencken (H. L. Mencken).  Harvey does not like Robert Cohn and calls him a moron, so he is right up there with most of Jake's other friends, except for Krum and Woolsey.

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