relationship of literature with superstructure

user6171003 | Student

1)Literature is an important part of superstructure as it has a great relation with the philosophical,cultural and ideological trends of the society and also it reflects relationship with the various issues those which are very central at the base.

2)According to Marxian theory the superstructure can be described as the space in the social construction where the laws of literature work upon.

nav77 | Student

this is a very interesting question. It is best to start with a definition of a superstructure. A superstructure is a structure that is built on top of an existing structure. This existing structure can be a boat or a building or anything else for that matter. So, we can think of a superstructure as a structure on top of another structure. So, in light of this, how can we compare it with literature?

Here are a few ways.

First, we can say that literature has many levels. We can look at the surface, but we can always go deeper. Good readers of literature will always go deeper and focus on deeper levels of meaning.

Second, we can say that literature has foundations. So, we can ask what holds up a certain piece of literature.

As you can see, there are many ways to use the imagery of a superstructure when comparing it to literature.