Eveline Questions and Answers
by James Joyce

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What symbols does Joyce use in "Eveline"?

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Symbols are objects, situations, words, places, names and so forth, which an author uses to signify (symbolize) ideas and qualities which are different from their literal meaning. These symbols, therefore, acquire a specific connotation which is defined by the context in which they are used. The colour red, for example, may have different connotations in different contexts. In one it may symbolize danger, whilst in another it could signify passion.

Joyce uses a variety of symbols in Eveline. One which is used early in the story is the window. Eveline looks through her window to the outside world. The window symbolizes her perception and tells the reader what she thinks and believes the world outside of her home and her community represents. We learn through the story that she sees the world as an unknown entity, something that she actually fears and that she is not prepared to face since it is, for her, better to be surrounded by what is familiar than that which is not. 

The second symbol...

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