Relationship of Calpurnia and CaesarHi. I need help on my thesis. Is this a strong thesis for a comparative essay? Calpurnia and Caesar have greater compatability than Portia and Brutus due to...

Relationship of Calpurnia and Caesar

Hi. I need help on my thesis. Is this a strong thesis for a comparative essay? Calpurnia and Caesar have greater compatability than Portia and Brutus due to their trust and communication.


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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I like your thesis! I agree with your thesis. It is true that Caesar and Calpurnia have a close relationship. On the morning of the assassination day, Calpurnia begs Caesar to stay home. She is fretting (worried) about her terrible dream. On bended knee, she begs Caesar not to leave their home.

Caesar gives in to Calpurnia. This shows his true love for her. He tries to please her. He is not afraid, but she is. Therefore, Caesar agrees to stay at home for her sake:

Calphurnia is Caesar's wife. In II.ii, she is concerned about the bad omens, which she frankly admits she has never put much credence in before this time. When Calphurnia gets on her knee to Caesar, she temporarily succeeds in persuading him to remain at home. She offers to let Caesar use her anxiety as an excuse for not going to the Capitol.

Truly, Caesar and Calpurnia do have trust and communication between them. Caesar listens to his wife. He acknowledges her fears. He tries to sooth or calm her fears. He is willing to stay at home for her. No doubt, the two have trust and communication.

It does take some convincing, but finally Caesar hears what his wife has to say and he honors her wishes. He decides to stay at home because his wife is worried about him. As mighty as Caesar is, he is humble enough to honor his wife and give in to her wishes. This proves that Caesar and Calpurnia have a good relationship based on love and trust. They can communicate one with the other. This is the key to a good relationship.
amiapartofthecure | Student
We had a literature assignment once where we had to compare the relationships between Brutus-Portia and Caesar-Calpurnia. Here's what I wrote for Caesar-Calpurnia: Caesar and Calpurnia deal with a one sided love, in which Calpurnia is crazy for Caesar, but Caesar couldn't care less about her! Caesar had humiliated her in public on the way to the ceremnonial games by calling her 'barren' in public. He told Mark Antony to touch her while he was running and also called her sterility a curse. Yet Calpurnia worries about Caesar. She has nightmares in which dreadful things happen to her husband and she inisists he stays at home instead of going to the capitol since she predicted something awful. Caesar doesn't cherish her. After all the pleading by Calpurnia, Caesar agrees to stay at home for her, deciding to call in sick but then Decius arrives and flatters him, causing him to change his mind about the situation and lets his wife down by telling her that he was ashamed and that she was foolish. Calpurnia does respect Caesar and accepts that he is greater than her by the way she addresses to him as 'My Lord'. Even when Caesar constantly humiliates her, she stays strong and her love for him remains true.
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