Relationship between mind and body

Physical health and mental health are closely tied to each other.

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This question clearly indicates that it is asking for information on how the mind and body are connected; however, the question doesn't indicate a direction on what it would like the connection to be. This answer is going to focus on the mind and body connection that most high school health classes would focus on.

A standard topic in health classes is the "health triangle." A person's total health and wellness is based on this triangle. The three parts to the triangle are physical health, social health, and mental/emotional health. Physical health would be body health, and mental/emotional health would be mind health. The point of the health triangle is to show students that all three parts of a person's total health need to be in balance, and all three parts are interconnected.

A simple example might come from an injury. A broken leg damages a person's physical health. That broken leg might prevent that person from exercising in the way that he or she used to. The lack of physical exercise means the body isn't being flooded with hormones that help overall mood. Stress, anxiety, and/or depression may increase because of the lack of exercise. If the person normally exercises with a group, then social health might impacted as well. This mind and body connection works the other direction too. If a person is struggling with a mental or emotional disorder, the physical health could be hurt as a consequence especially when considering possible psychosomatic symptoms.

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