Cognitive Psychology

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As it relates to cognitive psychology, are there multiple types of intelligence or just one unifying type of intelligence?

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The field of cognitive psychology is based on quantitative and qualitative data analysis of human intelligence. However, most of the inquiry that has been performed in this area has been prompted by theoretical frameworks. This means that theory, and not science, is what mainly drives the essential questions as to what exactly is human intelligence, how it is produced, and what is the most optimal way to use it.

Research in human intelligence is not that old, nor has it matured to perfection, as they say. Formal investigations did not start until the late XIX century. However, the results of over 100 years of research have determined that, indeed, intelligence cannot be measured comprehensively or under a general or generic perspective; it should be measured by skill and taking into consideration the cognitive level and ability of each test taker.This is why the field...

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