There are many moments of digression in lines 7709-1382 in Beowulf. What do these departures from the main narrative do?

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clstockdale80 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Following Beowulf's defeat of the monster Grendel, the Danes and Geats celebrate with quite traditional mead-hall revelry. Warriors from all over the kingdom gathered both inside and outside of the hall, racing their horses in sport and flocking to see the great wonder of a new hero in the land. King Hrothgar's minstrel sang songs of Beowulf's victory and the king himself thanked Beowulf for rescuing the kingdom, promising to adopt him as a son and bless him with treasure. The oral tradition of poetry is evident here, in that Beowulf tells the story of his victory as well. After all, it was quite valued to be able to tell a good story. The warriors continue to drink and sing throughout the night, further establishing Hrothgar's great hall as a monumental establishment in this land.