What is an example of personification from the poem "Rejoice" by Bruno Frank?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Examples of personification include "puts its mark" and "proud year."

This poem is referring to the Great War, or World War I, as the “greatest of all epochs.”  Personification is describing something with human-like qualities.

There are several examples of figurative phrases, such as “the morning dawns and the evening sinks.”  This is descriptive, but not personification.

An example of personification is:

The greatest of all epochs

Puts its mark upon our young hearts.

In this case, the war is said to have “put its mark,” like a signature, on the men.  Another example is “proud year,” because the year itself cannot be proud.  This is describing the year as one would describe a human.

This sentimental wartime poem celebrates the survival of a difficult war, and the honor of the soldiers who are going to be affected no matter what.