In regards to style, how do Maus I & II tell their stories?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A key element of the style of this wonderful comic novel is the representation of the various nationalities depicted in the story as different animals. In an excellent move, the author chose to depict Germans as cats, with Jews being presented as mice, the natural enemy of cats. This helps exacerbate the conflict between these two nationalities and is a key stylistic component of the works, as they form a much grimmer and tragic version of a Tom and Jerry style cartoon as the mice try and do the best they can to evade the murderous intentions of the cats that hound them.

Another point of interest is the way in which Art Spiegelman contains various parts of his own life in the present as he tries to deal with his identity as the son of Holocaust survivors. The way in which the story, in places, cuts between past and present is another important stylistic element, as it helps us focus on the legacy experienced by individuals such as Art, who themselves have to deal with the past of his parents and what they suffered, even though he himself never experienced the Holocaust.