Regarding meso-system influence, what is the connection between school and child, school and family, school and media, school and community?

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The meso-system refers to Bronfenbrenner's Bioecological Theory. It is the second in his system of complex processes that must occur during a child's development.

The activities in the meso- system may operate within their own micro system (the first of the processes); ie, school, family and child where the child functions on a face-to-face basis with his or her surroundings. Obviously, the home has the first impact on a child and influences work both ways. A new baby in the house directly affects the "new" parents and the behaviour and attitude of the parents affects the baby's development.

The individual activities become part of the meso- system when they interact with each other, which all systems inevitably do as influences create a network around the developing child. So when connecting school and child in terms of the meso-system, we see how a child reacts or behaves within this setting - which may be different to the way he behaves in one or the other - when they remain distinct - systems.

In the same way, school and family as it exists in the meso-system directly influences the child. A parent or sibling who attended a certain pre-school may be predisposed to sending the child there. The child themselves will be eager to attend - anticipating all the good things that will apparently take place there.

The interaction between school and media and even school and community differs from the previous influences because the child can have little impact on this relationship but he is definitely affected by it. Theses operate outside the meso- system,in the exoxsystem. An exosystem has similarities to a meso- system as both create connections between various other systems. An exosystem, however, excludes certain direct influences on the child. By way of example, a child has no influence over the places his mother and father choose to work but he is influenced by THEIR choices.

So the meso-system, whilst connected to the relationship between school and media and school and community is NOT the major influence due to the fact that these  relationships are not direct or two-way.

According to Bronfenbrenner, a person shapes as well as experiences his or her own development and the different influences act and interact to contribute and form a complete person.

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