refusal to sign a document containing false accusationsMy supervisor wants me to receive and sign the documents containing false accusations against me.  I tried to suggest to my supervisor that I...

refusal to sign a document containing false accusations

My supervisor wants me to receive and sign the documents containing false accusations against me.  I tried to suggest to my supervisor that I have to seek a legal counsel first before signing that document.  My intention for that is for me to know if it will be appropriate for me to sign that.  But instead, my supervisor really got mad on my suggestion.  Note: My supervisor has a history of grudge against me because I reported his payroll padding malpractice.  Since then, he find ways to find fault against me

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dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Regardless of the content of the accusations written up against you and the reasoning behind the write up, you have every right to consult legal counsel. Every state in the country has labor laws, which include legal recourse between labor and management. Without knowing the specifics of your dispute, the best advise I can offer is #1- DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING, #2- DO NOT DISCUSS THIS WITH ANYONE ELSE IN YOUR PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT, #3 DOCUMENT EVERYTHING YOU CAN REGARDING THE ISSUE, #4 SEEK LEGAL ADVISE. It appears that your supervisor is trying to intimidate you. Although this can be extremely stressful, you have every right to dispute false accusations. If you are a union member you can recieve help from their legal counsel, if not try to research either a low cost or free consultation. One other point, if you believe that your position of employment has been financially tampered with as a result of this incident, one of the fastest ways to 'buy you the time' you might need to consult an attorney is to contact 'The Department of Consumer Affairs' and 'The Better Business Bureau' in you city/state. The thought of 'bad press' usually has an impact on business philosophy.

urzula eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You are certainly in a difficult situation.  First, you want to document everything that has happened. Make certain that you have those materials at home. Second, you want to contact an employment attorney.  Your local bar association should be able to provide you with a referral for no or low cost.

This sounds like an issue of coercion.  Depending on the situation, it also might be a Whistleblower case.  Again, an attorney can evaluate the facts best.

brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You never can be forced to sign anything you don't want to, especially related to charges against yourself.  If he attempts to discipline or dismiss you for not doing so, you can file an unfair labor practices claim, or a lawsuit in court seeking damages.  Neither will make you popular with management, so be prepared to use those routes as a last resort.

If you are a union shop, then you can consult with your union rep as to the details of the contract in place.  Sounds like a hostile work environment to me.

dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An employer can not mandate that you sign the document. If you do sign it you are basically admitting fault. I would suggest that you first make an appointment with the HR director of the company to calmly discuss these issues. I say this because you want to follow the proper route for filing employment related grievances.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you sign anything, you are agreeing to it.  He cannot force you to sign it if it is incorrect.  I agree that not signing it might have ramifications.  If you belong to a union, you should consult them for advice.

bgl5704 | Student

Your supervisor is a mand with a grudge. You should definitely get a lawyer before signing papers that have false accusations against you. However, if you didn't do any of those things that he accused you of I do not see a point in even contemplating signing the paper. It seems like in your situation there is something that you can do about your boss singling you out and holding a grudge against you. You should seek a legal counsels advice for that matter as well. 

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