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Mosaics are works of art that go back to ancient history. For example, the Romans even as early as the second century B.C. created complex mosaics depicting many things from daily life to mythology. When we look at it from this perspective, mosaics reflect many things. 

First, mosaics reflect the artistic sensibilities of a people. Mosaics shows the impulse to create something beautiful and what they considered beautiful.

Second, mosaics reflect history. Historians can do a lot of good historical work by studying mosaics. They can find out what people did for fun, what they ate, and what they valued, to name a few things. 

Third, mosaics also reflect the thought world and belief system of a people group. For  example, often times in the  Roman world mythologies were depicted.

Roman mosaics developed along a number of parallel streams: Durable walking surface, architectural spacial element, ornament. In artistic terms Roman mosaics followed a path parallel to that of Roman Painting and Roman art, transferring to the horizontal plane artistic problems which were essentially pictorial. (

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