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Reflect and Write 10 sentences in this quotation "What's important is not what the state can do for me but rather what can I do for the state."

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10 sentences regarding this quotation:

1. First of all, this quotation is similar to John F. Kennedy saying the same only he related it to what we can do for our country not state.

2. We should not always look at 'getting' from the state.

3. We should center on what we can 'give to" the state.

4. Relying excessively on the state can, in some cases, lead to the state controlling our lives too much, eroding our constitutional freedoms.

5. This is an important quotation because it causes us to think about and discuss the role of government in our lives and how it must be a mutually beneficial relationship between governments and their citizens.

6. This quotation emphasizes that citizens of the state must have a somewhat sacrificial attitude toward their state, wherein they are willing to sacrifice somewhat for the betterment of the state.

7. By extension, doing something positive and right, and decent for the state means doing the same for the citizens of the state.

8. This quotation focuses on 'action', 'doing', not letting others take charge only, but also taking charge ourselves in serving the state and our fellow citizens.

9. This quotation, in essence, is saying (in subtext) that we should not sit back and complain about the state, but do what we can to help the state.

10. The heart of this quotation can be summed up in two words, "civil service."

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