Reflect upon how literature reflects communties-you approach from any angle that satisfies your concept of individuals and societies affect each other

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The social dimension within literature is formed helps to reflect much of the specfic society's values and beliefs.  When reading Homer, one gains much insight into the warfighting culture of the Greeks.  At the same time, understanding much of the Greek culture and its values helps to enhance the comprehension of the work.  In seeking to understand more of a society, one gains greater insight into the work, and can find more significance into it.  Nothing it written in a vacuum where there is no sight of social context within it.  Even work such as Emily Dickinson has a social element to it.  In this case, the social element is one of rejection of that specific social context, which allows the reader to understand the premium placed on conformity and social assimilation.

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Streetcar named Desire  and Gift of the Magi are examples of how art imitates life. In Streetcar you have the New Orleans Jazz element, the destitute family, and the reckless Southern Belle (Blanche) with not a clue at what she has been up to all the time throughout the play except the end. In Gift of the Magi, you have the quintessential newlyweds with no money in New York.

The previous post was very accurate: Art imitates life and these stories are a symptom of time. So most works of Lit will definitely be a product of time.

Shakespeare's sonnets and plays depict the old Britain, yet, the topics infused within were a symptom of Elizabethan (his own modern) England.

Ezra Poud Keats- A white man- was able to reconstruct and retell stories of African American boys in New York in the 196o's

Charles Dickens reconstructed history in Great Expectations and built his knowledge upon the works of generations of historians and family friends who belonged to such communities.

Lord  Byron wrote the Childe Harrold's Progress based on the Algerian community.

Again, it was quite accurate for the previous post to say how art is supposed to reflect the community. I hope you can use our info and our examples.

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The second part of your question appears to be a mixed construction and I have no idea what it means.  I understand the first part, though, so I'll answer that.

No work of literature comes out of thin air, as the cliche goes.  It stems from the society in which the writer lives.  Even if a writer writes about another time or place, the literature will still reflect the society from which the writer comes. 

The Great Gatsby reveals what The Jazz Age was like.  The Grapes of Wrath, what America in the Southwest during the depression was like.  Macbeth, though written about 11th-century Scotland, reveals political tensions and religious issues current in Elizabethan England of Shakespeare's day.

Literature results from a specific society, and, therefore, inevitably reflects that society. 

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