Reflect on the reading, "Problem Music and Self-Harming" by Adrian C. North and David J. Hargreaves. Give examples or any ideas relating to this reading.

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In the article "Problem Music and Self-Harming," Adrian C. North and David J. Hargreaves explore the relationship between "problem music" (like hard rock, punk, and rap) and self-injury. They conclude that while there seems to be a relationship or even a correlation between this kind of music and self-harm, the music does not actually cause self-harm. There are other factors in operation along with the music.

Your job is to reflect on the reading, and that means you should determine what you think about the authors' claims based on your own ideas and experiences. You might, for instance, ask yourself whether you agree with the identification of certain musical genres as problematic. Think about whether the genres themselves are a problem or whether the messages conveyed by some of the music in those genres are truly the issue.

Consider whether your experience leads you to agree or disagree with the authors' conclusions. Perhaps you have personally experienced thoughts or actions of self-harm or have seen such in a friend or acquaintance. Think about whether music had anything to do with it or if there were other factors involved. You might even spend some time reflecting on those other factors and determine whether they match those discussed in the article.

Finally, you could write about the authors' methodology and thought processes, considering whether they are thorough and convincing or whether they leave out important considerations that you might have included in such a study.

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