The Kite Runner Questions and Answers
by Khaled Hosseini

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Reflect on Rahim Khan's explanation to Amir in The Kite Runner about the way Hassan was treated due to his mother’s past, and why Baba refused to admit Hassan was his biological child.

Rahim Khan's explanation to Amir about the way Hassan was treated due to his mother's past is revealing and unfortunate. Sanaubar's reputation as a promiscuous woman caused Hassan significant emotional turmoil, and Amir vividly recalls him being teased about his mother as a child. Rahim also explains that Baba refused to admit that Hassan was his biological child to avoid public scrutiny and preserve his reputation. This news fills Amir with anger, regret, and purpose.

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In chapter 17, Rahim Khan elaborates on reuniting with Hassan as a grown man and inviting him to live in Baba's home with his small family. According to Rahim, Hassan's distant mother, Sanaubar, finally returned home and found redemption for leaving her son by developing a close relationship with Hassan and caring for Sohrab. As a young woman, Sanaubar was attractive and notoriously promiscuous. She left Ali immediately after giving birth to Hassan and her son was continually tormented because of her...

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