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Reflect on changes that have occurred across history regarding the behaviors society considers criminal. Discuss how changes in society at the time might have contributed to changes in which acts are considered criminal.

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Something we should consider, whenever we investigate ideas as broad and fundamental as these, is that topics relating to crime, justice and society have been discussed for thousands of years. Therefore, there has been no consensus or "right" answer in the objective sense. Often, when it comes to these subjects, it's easier to reflect on what is and has been, rather than to predict or prescribe action against what might be. Thus, considering the relationship between societal attitudes and the definition of criminality is a good application of rhetoric. However, we may find the means of acting upon our findings to be limited.

Crime is by definition an action that violates a law; however, law can be agreed upon in a democratic fashion where it reflects the will of people governed by that law, or it can be handed down from a superior authority, such as a king or a court, in which case it may not reflect the will of the people. Likewise we might consider that laws do not impact all persons...

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