Referring to Scene V of Antigone.   What arguments do King Creon and the prophet Teiresias use against each other?  What does their debate express about their physical characteristics, their personality traits, and the position they occupy as ruler and subject?

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In Antigone, Creon and Teiresias use ethical and emotional arguments to try to convince each other of their position.  Creon argues that Teiresias is only out for money and that he will say anything as long as he is getting paid for it.  Creon wants to undermine Teiresias's authority because even though he is only a subject, he is widely respected and revered in the Theban community.  Teiresias, on the other hand, tells Creon that he is risking the safety of his family by making foolish decisions.  Teiresias is insulted by Creon's claims and reminds him that he has never been wrong in his predictions throughout Thebes.  In this argument, Creon reveals that he is a weak, proud, unconfident King while Teiresias reveals that he is righteous and strong.

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