Reference to 4 quotes from the book regarding the character of Tom.

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Almost anything you choose can reveal Tom's character - a young con-artist, a liar, a manipulator. I will give you one quote. Right in the beginning of the novel, Tom's aunt is trying to determine whether or not he played hookey from school. He has played hookey, but he is trying to trick his aunt. He knows she will inspect his shirt to see if it is wet, which she does, but Tom has already figured out that she will do this, so he has re-sewn the collar and the shirt is dry. Unfortunately, Tom's younger brother Sid is there to point out Tom's subterfuge. He slyly asks his aunt, "Didn't you sew that collar with white thread?" Before she realizes it, though, Tom is out the door. So the quote is from Tom:

“She'd never noticed if it hadn't been for Sid. Confound it! sometimes she sews it with white, and sometimes she sews it with black. I wish to geeminy she'd stick to one or t'other—I can't keep the run of 'em. But I bet you I'll lam Sid for that. I'll learn him!”

This shows that he has tried to trick his aunt into believing that he did not ditch school.