Refer to the encyclopedia in anwering how Achilles died.

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Like so much with the Greeks, there is some level of confusion as to exactly how Achilles died.  Some claim that it was death on the battlefield.  This account sees Achilles dying in armed conflict with the Trojans, or even in trying to scale the Trojan walls.  Other versions see it as reflective of a more tragic or dramatic condition.  This is rooted in Hector's dying breath, indicating that Achilles will die at the hands of a Trojan.  In these versions, Achilles is killed by Paris' arrow, aimed at his heel.  In other versions, Achilles' death is seen in the island of Leuce.  Achilles' death becomes reflective of how individuals and historians perceive their own understanding of the Greek warrior.  For those influenced by Homer, it becomes evident that his death is seen in battle, one of the last elements in the Trojan War.  Some believe him to have died at the hands of Paris, the lesser man and warrior of the two, reflective of the cruelty of war.  At the same time, some have him dying with honor in battle.  The different accounts reflect much about the very nature of Achilles and those who are relating his narrative.

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