In The Red Badge Of Courage, Henry begins to go crazy. What would be three significant incidents in which his imagination gets away from him?

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 2, he imagines that his fear is a many-tongued monster that keeps telling him to run away. He thinks he is a "mental outcast" because he is the only one who seems to have these fears.

In chapter 4, Henry's regiment halts at a line of trees. They know that a battle is raging ahead because the field is full of smoke, but they can't see the actual fighting. When men start retreating from the battle, Henry begins to fear the "monster" that is chasing them and thinks he might be able to run faster.

In chapter 6, even though they have had a small victory and Henry is beginning to think he won't run from battle, the enemy begins to advance again. As they run, Henry imagines that death is coming behind him.

There are other examples of his fears making him imagine all sorts of monsters and dangers. I'm not sure I'd call him insane, thought. I'd probably "see" the same imaginary monsters if I were in battle.

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