If a rectangular sheet of paper of area A is used to create a rectangular cuboid, what is the maximum volume of the rectangular cuboid?

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The surface area of a cuboid is given by 2*(lw + wh + lh) where l, w and h are the length, width and height. The volume is given by l*w*h. For the volume to be maximum, all the dimensions of the cuboid should be equal in length. This can be proved but I do not think that is essential here, and we take it as an identity. So the solid we have is a cube.

The surface area of the cube would be 6*s^2, where s is the side.

6s^2 = A

=> s = sqrt[A / 6]

The volume is given by s^3 = [sqrt (A/6)]^3

=> (A/6)*sqrt (A/6)

The required maximum volume is (A/6)*sqrt (A/6).

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