A rectangle is four times as longer as it is wide. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 150m, what are its dimensions.

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The length of the rectangle is four times its width. Let the width of the rectangle be x, the length is 4x.

The perimeter of the rectangle is 4x + 4x + x + x = 10*x = 150

=> x = 15

The dimensions of the rectangle are 15 m and 60 m.

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A rectangle is four times as longer as it is wide.
The perimeter of the rectangle is 150m.
P=150 m
Let's find the length first. 
  • Plug-in 4l for w in Perimeter formula & P=150 : 150=2(l+4l)
  • Simplify/Combine like terms: 150=2(5l)
  • Multiply: 150=10l
  • Opposite operation for multiplication? (division)-- Divide 10 from both sides to isolate l: `150/10 = (10l)/10`
  • Simplify: 15=l, or l=15 m
To find width:
  • Plug-in l=15 & P=150 in the perimeter formula: 150=2(15+w)
  • Distribute 2: 150=30+2w
  • Subtract 30 from both sides to isolate '2w': 120=2w
  • What is the opposite operation for multiplication? (division) -- Divide 2 on both sides to isolate 'w': `120/2 = (2w)/2`
  • Simplify: 60=w, or w=60 m
Our dimensions are:
Length=15 m
And, Width=60 m
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To solve this word problem,  use the equation

4x + 4x + x + x = 150 with " x " representing the width

Now combine all the like terms. By combining the like terms, you should get

10x = 150 now divide both sides by 10

By dividing on both sides, you should get

x = 15 which is one if the dimension

Now use 4x to find the length

4 ( 15 ) = 60

So your answer is width is 15 m and length is      60 m .

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