Define recruitment and selection. Explain why the two terms are important. 

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cawells1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The terms Recruitment and Selection are important because of the two different purposes they fulfill in employment in the world of business.

Recruitment is the process of using various methods of attracting people (candidates) with the right qualifications for a particular position(s) for the company. The recruitment methods can be quite challenging for attracting the attention of qualified candidates. The methods can vary from internal job postings, company websites, community online job boards, job fairs, newspaper and good old-fashion word of mouth. The more creative an organization can be in the recruitment methods, the better the chances a company will receive a pool of qualified candidates. One should know that the recruitment process can take months depending on the quantity of people can meet the position requirements.

Whereas the selection is the process of sorting through the grouping of candidates, who were garnered as a result of the recruitment process, to choose the best possible candidate(s) for the position(s) in the organization. Despite all the creative recruitment processes to get a pool of candidates, the challenge is reviewing and screening the best possible candidates for the final selection. The selection process can also take months depending on the quantity and quality of the pool of candidates the hiring organization receives. If a company does not get enough qualified people, then the company can choose to stop the recruitment process or reevaluate and reengage its company's recruitment method(s).