Reconstruction in the South helped African Americans in all of the following ways EXCEPT: A. granting a basic education   B. many African Americans became poor farmers   C. African Americans owned their own labor   D. African Americans could form their own private clubs  

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Reconstruction helped the African-Americans in the South in all of the ways listed in your question except for answer D. Reconstruction didn’t help African-Americans set up their own private clubs.

Reconstruction helped African-Americans in many ways. The Freedmen’s Bureau, which was established during the Reconstruction process, helped African-Americans establish schools for their kids. Many schools were developed as a result of the help African-Americans received from the Freedmen’s Bureau. As a result of Reconstruction, African-Americans owned their own labor. They were free to decide what kind of work they would do. While many continued to work on farms, they had the option to do other jobs. African-Americans were also paid for their work. While the pay they received wasn’t very much, they did receive pay for the work they did, unlike while they were slaves. African-Americans did become farmers as a result of Reconstruction. Many, however, were poor.

Reconstruction helped African-Americans in many ways.

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