Reckless haste leads to disaster. Prove this statement by listing a number of examples.

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The main action of Romeo and Juliet takes place in less than a week: a testament to how ill-advised most of the decisions in the play are made.  The five most glaring examples of reckless haste as follow:

1) The secret marriage.  Romeo and Juliet meet on a Sunday and are married secretly in less than 24 hours.  Friar Lawrence is also to blame.  This sets all events in motion.

2) Mercutio's reckless fight with Tybalt.  Mercutio's play-fighting ends with his "accidental" stabbing, causes Romeo to take revenge on Tybalt, and ultimately leads Romeo's exile.

3) Juliet's fake death.  Friar Lawrence again becomes involved, this time in a "death" elopement.  Again, he hopes all will go well, but he doesn't realize he's working with impetuous teenagers.  Oh, and Friar John's letter never had a chance, plague or no plague.

4) The suicides at the end.  Romeo is quick to buy poison; Juliet quick to pull the dagger.  If only they would have might have turned into a comedy, like Much Ado About Nothing!

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