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Recently there have been several proposals to limit the size of soda being purchased, or the amount of sodium allowed in food. What do you think of these proposals? Do you support them or feel they impinge on your freedom? There have been several calls for a "soda tax," generally a penny an ounce. Is this a good idea? And if some manner of tax passes where should the money raised be used?

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There are a number of questions being asked here, and all of them are asking for a person's subjective opinion. Personally, I am against all of these proposals, but that reflects a personal political/social/etc. worldview. I am generally against government of any kind telling people what they can, can't, should, or shouldn't consume. Putting a ban on drinks that are "too large" is a subjective decision to begin with. Who gets to decide what size soda is too large? Additionally, I have problems...

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