The recent outbreak of dengue fever in your town has kept several of your schoolmates from appearing for the final exam. There is a debate: Should they be promoted to the next class?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dengue is a curable disease and it seems the students would be medically fit to rejoin the school in the next academic session. The question is whether they should be promoted to the next academic year, even though they have missed the examination due to dengue fever. On one hand, it is not their fault and they were simply not able to appear for the examination. But, on the other hand, they missed the examination and it would be unfair to the students who did appear for the examination. 

In my opinion, the students should be promoted to the next class, for the following reasons:

  • Missing the examination was not intentional; it was due to medical issues.
  • Retention or repeating the grade has not shown good results and is more likely to result in dropouts or lower academic success.
  • The academic performance of students throughout the year (in quizzes, tests, assignments, reports, etc.) can be used as a measure of their academic standing. Unless serious issues are found, they should be promoted. In the case of high school students, courses with problems may be partially repeated, but not all the courses should be repeated. 

Hope this helps. 

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