recall 3 reasons why the acceleration due to gravity at different places on the surface of the earth varies slightly from 9.8m.s^-2 value we usually use

pramodpandey | Student

Let us write Newron's Universal Garvitational Law.

`F =G (m_1xxm_2)/r^2`    

where  `m_1,m_2 ` are mosses of the object and r is distance between them.

let mass of the one object `m_2=M_e`   ,mass of the earth,and

`r=R_e`  radius of the earth. The earth now attracts object with

mass  `m_1` towards its centre  by force `F=m_1g `



`` `g=GM_e/(R_e)^2`

Thus acceration due to gavity depends on distance between centre of the earth and places.Since earth is not exctlt spherical ,so distances varies.So g will also varies from place to place.

Deep sea     g more than 9.8

high Moutain      g less than 9.8

some place on surface   g=9.8