What are some reasons why Manifest Destiny is unfair?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many people believe Manifest Destiny is an unfair policy. Manifest Destiny was a belief many Americans supported that said it is was our destiny or responsibility to spread our superior way of life and culture across what is now the United States. These people believed it was only natural for us to do this. This is an unfair policy, especially if a person is from a group that was negatively impacted by the policy. For example, this policy forced the Native Americans to relocate several times even though they didn’t want to relocate. The policy showed no concern for the Native American way of life and culture. The policy basically manufactured a war with Mexico so we could get the southwest part of what is now the United States. It also played a role in Texas becoming a free nation and then one of our states. Eventually, this policy led to the United States colonizing other places around the world often against the wishes of those people. Manifest Destiny assumed our way of life and our culture are the best. This is a view that other people haven’t necessarily supported.

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