Give a few reasons why the East End is important to Maniac Magee.

Expert Answers
jessarm6 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Maniac Magee is a great book that deals with many different social issues. The East End represents a lot to Maniac and is very important to him. First, the East End is the first place Maniac feels at home and like he is a part of the family. Even though he lived with his Aunt and Uncle, he never felt a connection or a sense of love with them. When Maniac first meets Amanda, whose family he lives with in the East End, he instantly connects with her over their shared love of books. When he meets the rest of her family, he gets along with them right away. He feels as though he is a part of their family; he does chores and gives the younger kids baths. He has so much love for this family that when his actions put them in danger, he leaves. 

The East End is also important to Maniac because it is where he gains respect from others while playing baseball and untying the knot. Previously, he had been hiding out or going from place to place. The East End is the first place where he feels somewhat normal.