Reasons(discuss) as to whether your personality is composed due to genetics(nature) or the way you were raised (nature).

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I agree with the previous answer: personality is probably the result of both genes and environment, and the interaction between the two. I can see ways in which I strongly resemble my parents in personality, including my dad, who passed away when I was young and who thus did not have a very great influence on shaping my environment. Genes can give us certain abilities or predispositions; environment can help determine how we do (or do not) use those abilities and predispositions.

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I tend to put stock in both, genetics and the way you were raised.  I think it is a combination of the genetic background you inherited plus the emphasis of values layering that core of genetics.  A good solid genetic core, with no or little evidence of dark qualities is a good start.  That would be synonomous with a base intelligence level, then building upon that by enriching it with education and life experiences.  A person who has an upbringing with education and positive life experiences will likely produce a posiotive result in terms of personality.  It should also be noted that what we are talking about here is as individual as the different types of flowers that burst forth in spring.  There are lots of similarities, but each flower is it's own creation, having some uniquely individual quality to offer. 

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