How should this sentence be completed? It is reasonable to conclude from information provided in the passage that Clark's relationship with his aunt developed from____________________

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The relationship between Clark and his aunt began with his having lived with her as a boy; under her tutelage, he learned his Latin noun declensions and verb conjugations; to her he first read Shakespeare; she gave him his first book on mythology. Moreover, she it was who taught him how to play the piano. And, from their mutual love of music, their relationship deepened. That Aunt Georgiana has always recognized a kindred soul in her nephew is evinced in her cautioning him one day as he played.

"Don't love it so well, Clark, or it may be taken from you.  Oh! dear boy, pray that whatever your sacrifice may be, it be not that."

When his aunt finally returns to the city from the prairie where she has lived for decades in cultural deprivation, Clark takes her to hear the Symphony Orchestra perform a Wagner program. There, she is unable to absorb other than impressions of the sophisticated setting because of having lived such a detached life on the farm. However, when the orchestra commences playing, Aunt Georgiana is profoundly moved as all the emotion that she has felt for music floods her worn spirit. Clark takes her labor-gnarled hand in his and she mildly reproaches him with the question, "And you have been hearing this ever since you left me, Clark?" as she recognizes her long deprivation.