What is the reason Zaman likely sells children to Taliban?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A struggling orphanage director in Kabul, Zaman tells Amir and Farid where they can find the Taliban official who has abducted Sohrab. Zaman is selling the children to the high ranking official of the Taliban for the money.  He can no longer afford to pay for the orphanage because he has used everything he had.  With the money he gets from selling a few children, he can buy supplies for the rest of the children. He feels guilty about the children who are taken, but it is a case of losing a few to save the many.

english01 | Student

since Zaman couldn't afford no more money to buy food or heating supply to keep the children warm, the only solution was to sell children to Taliban officer, even that's not the right way to gain money, but he was forced to sell the children for money.

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