I need a quote to support my idea that the reason for the colonists declaring independence was unfair laws

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kmj23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To support your quote about unfair laws leading to the colonists wanting independence, it would be a good idea to look at the Declaration of Rights and Grievances. This document was drafted by John Dickenson of Pennsylvania and presented at Congress on October 14 1774.

Here's a good quote to use from the fourth paragraph of this document:

"All which statutes are impolitic, unjust, and cruel, as well as unconstitutional, and most dangerous and destructive of American rights"

This quote refers directly to the Intolerable Acts which Britain passed in the wake of the Boston Tea Party. Dickenson is very aware that Britain only passed these Acts to punish the colonists, especially in Massachusetts, and that is why he believes they are so unfair and cruel and go against the rights of Americans, as British subjects. As a result, Dickenson makes an important point (in paragraph 13 & 14) that the colonists should only be subject to English Common Law, like other English subjects are: 

"Resolved, N. C. D. 5. That the respective colonies are entitled to the common law of England, and more especially to the great and inestimable privilege of being tried by their peers of the vicinage, according to the course of that law.

Resolved, 6. That they are entituled to the benefit of such of the English statutes as existed at the time of their colonization; and which they have, by experience, respectively found to be applicable to their several local and other circumstances."

You can read the full Declaration using the reference link provided.