Realte the creature in Frankenstein to a song I need help with the song I chose to relate to the creature. I chose the song The Ballad of Frankenstein's Monster by 12 Step Rebels. I need help determining what the songs meaning is and explaining how it fits the creature. Any suggestions would help. Thank you

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The song that you have chosen can, indeed, relate to the novel.  First of all, the beginning is appropriate as the creature is left alone when the horrified Victor runs from his creation.  Secondly, the section cited below will also relate to the novel's chapters which include the creature's narration of his experiences when he hid behind the DeLacey cottage.  After he is discovered by the young DeLaceys, the creature is driven away from the surrounding cottagers and he fled, knowing that is repugnant to all that see him.

I can't stand to see my own
Reflection, 'cause I see the
Monster they tell me that I am.
I never wanted anything but
Happiness, but what was I
Supposed to do?
They came at me with hatred
And sticks of flame, with faces
As cruel as the harshest Winter's
Day. They taught me what it was
To feel the cruelest pain

I think that "Monster" by Skillet would be a good song. Frankenstein 's monster is only reacting to the position that Victor has put him in. His chapter shows his humanity...

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