I really need to know as much as I can about chapters 8-20 of "Tuck Everlasting".I forget my book at school! HELP!

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slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Winnie gets to know the Tucks better and to know their secret. Unfortunately, the man in the yellow suit also hears the Tucks talk about their secret. As Winnie discovers what the secret really means, she finds that while the Tucks never die, it is not necessarily a desirable thing to live forever. Tuck takes her out on the pond and explains the natural life cycle to her, and Winnie begins to see how death is a part of life. Jesse, on the other hand, wants Winnie to drink the water and stay with them. Meanwhile, the man in the yellow suit bribes the Fosters -- if they give him the woods, he'll bring back their daughter. The Fosters agree, and the man in the yellow suit goes to the Tucks and threatens to expose them and sell the water to people. Mae Tuck hits him over the head, killing him, just as the constable arrives. Mae is arrested, which presents a problem if she is sentenced to die, because nothing will kill her and they will be exposed.