I really need help with my English assignment. I need some pre-conceived ideas on the topic of advertising and its ability to influnece teens. Suggestions or explinations please.       

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The best way to go about constructing your essay is to examine the commercials of today and the past. Some examples of topics to examine for your paper are as follows.

1. The banning of tobacco ads on television. (For example, the banning of ads based upon their supposed influence on minors.)

2. The stereotypes used to promote products advertised on television. (For example, who is depicted in cleaning product commercials? Who is depicted in automotive commercials?)

3. How are ads constructed in order to appeal to a specific group? (For example, commercials depicting cleaning products are typically shown during the day when women are home.)

4. Examine the types of people used in specific ads. (What types of women are depicted in make-up commercials, cleaning product commercials, or clothing commercials?) What influence do these actors have on how teens see the products? Are celebrities used?