reality Dear whoever may choose to answer this, i am grateful for your time and effort. in 'the southern thruway' how does julio cortazar, the author, subvert reality? and how does this fantastical world be made for the familiar and everyday traffic jam, and what do these effects have on the reader?

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Given that readers tend to want to get away from the familiar, reading is often used as an escape. Fantastical words and alternative realities offer readers a place where their ability to escape is based upon the author's ability to construct a place to get lost in. Given that many readers have experienced being caught in a traffic jam, their prior knowledge has been used to draw them into the text. For some, the nest time they are caught in traffic, they may drift back to the text and get lost once again.

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You might want to explain a bit more what you mean by subvert reality. No work will completely mirror reality. In this case, the fantastical world is used to mirror our world in order to make the reader think. This is the thematic connection for the reader.
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