RealityPick a physical object. What makes the object real?How do you know it is real and not merely imagined?Do you feel positive, negative or neutral about the object and why?

kerrylynnbouman | Student

Take an object.  Feel it, smell it, look at it, taste it.  Is it real?  It is only real if YOU perceive it to be real.  Even if you imagine it to be real, then it is real. The sensory stimuli that make up a perception is determined by the perceiver.  Who is to argue or say that your reality is not real?  As to HOW you feel about the object that is entirely in the eyes of the beholder and the feelings of the perceiver.  Feelings are made up of all our senses, our sight, hearing, smell, taste and feel.  Together with our inner perceptions and foresight, these all combine to create WHO we are and HOW we perceive our world.

Our physical being combines with an emotional and psychological being that then processes all our thoughts and feelings and how we interact with our physical world.

This, combined with an inner sense makes us unique from everyone else.  We also have a nurture/nature inner being that contributes to how we view our world.  A combination of all the above is involved in taking an object and analysing our perception of it.