Discuss what makes To Kill a Mockingbird's characters realistic and appealing. Realistic and appealing characters are essential to a good novel. Discuss this statement with reference to one or more characters in To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Scout is appealing, in part, because she is thoroughly honest and often is not quite savvy enough to know when to be quiet. This leads to some comical episodes. 

Also, her experience in school matches that of many people, which makes her relatable. 

Finally, Scout learns along the way. As the novel progresses, Scout encounters many confusing situations and learns from them. Her confusion and her development both lend credence to her character. She's not a super-hero, but a kid facing some tough situations.

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One of the things that makes this book realistic is that Tom Robinson is convicted.  I truly believe that if he had been acquitted, the book would not have the impact that it does.  It tells a hard truth, but it is real.

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It's tough to choose any characters from TKAM who are NOT realistic. I love the minor character of Dolphus Raymond--wealthy, eccentric, and with a liberal-minded love of African Americans (and especially African American women). Scout is a realistic portrayal of a tomboy, and though Atticus may be too perfect and too good to be true, his character is one of the best drawn in all American literature. As for appeal, who wouldn't be interested in the Boo Radley character? Bob Ewell is the quintessential Southern white trash racist, and daughter Mayella elicits both hatred and pity from the reader.

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